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Cacao-Hazelnut Spread



Vanilla-Cacao duo, packed with flavour and nutrition from dry-roasted nuts, dates, cacao and vanilla. Pure Bourbon vanilla enhances the sweetness of the dates. Paired with the contrasting, yet complementary cacao notes, this spread provides a rich and deep flavour. Our spreads contain up to 60% less sugar than some of the conventional options.

No added sugars
No additives or Preservatives

We couldn’t find a good vegan version of our childhood favourite, so we decided to make one ourselves. best decision ever ;)

Spoonful contains up to 60% less sugar than some of the conventional and widely popular versions. We got rid of the refined, added sugar, but we kept… No, we improved the taste. Using dates as a sweetener adds nutrition and provides your body with energy. Additionally, it doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels like white refined sugar does.

Our spreads are made from dry-roasted nuts, they are vegan and don’t contain palm oil, hydrogenated fats, added or refined sugar. Instead, we use hearty hazelnut or coconut oil and dates.

Use Spoonful to create a balanced meal or a nutritious desert. Perfect for pancakes, sandwiches, crackers as an oatmeal topping, with fruit or any other way. Don’t limit your creativity here, we hear some enjoy it in spoonfuls ;)

Nutrition per 100g
Calories552 kcal
Saturated Fat9g


I love them

I love them , it’s a great way to eat healthier chocolate spreads and actually taste the natural ingredients and not only sugar.

Maria Olivera

The only chocolate spread we buy.

We love the Spoonful spreads! Since we had the first jar, we have not bought a different chocolate spread. It tastes great, with the perk of being vegan; and works well on toast, crackers, oatmeal, or how I eat it... by the spoonful. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!


These spreads are seriously amazing!

These spreads are seriously amazing! Way better than regular hazel / cacao spreads, and with far better ingredients. As a Dutchie I'm a big fan of a solid slice of bread in the morning with some chocolate spread, so you could argue I'm a bit of an expert, and I say with 100% honesty that these take the cake. Would highly recommend them!


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